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The Beginner's Guide to Hike & Fly (pdf)
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This book is an introduction to hike&fly (it’s in the title, duh), intended for paragliding pilots who wish to try it, but think that they absolutely need lightweight equipment or don't know where to begin...
Now you know: you can begin with this book!

You will read about:

  • Paragliding Gear: what is all that craze about lightweight gliders, harnesses, reserves? Why is everyone obsessing over weight? Do you really need to? How much are you going to spend for this? What are you giving up if you go lightweight? Should you?
  • Mountain Gear: great, more crap you need to buy. Or not. It depends on what you want to do mostly. Which is hiking. You want to hike apparently, otherwise why are you reading this? Possibly fly as well.
  • Clothing: there is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. What you wear in the mountains is important. Matching the colours is not that important, no matter how much my girlfriend is trying to convince me otherwise.
  • Choosing the Weather: what kind of weather conditions do you need to look for when going hike&fly? Are they any different than what you usually look for? Are you going be bored to death with meteorology in yet another book? Yes, you will, but not too much, I promise.
  • Ascending: oh, yes, you will need to hike UP the mountain. Yes, that's uphill. Yes, you are going to get tired. And you may not even fly after all because you didn't read the chapter about the weather. How are you supposed to find your trail? Where are you going to find a launch? Do you need to plan ahead? Why are you still reading this? Read the book!

Also available in paperback.
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The Beginner's Guide to Hike & Fly (pdf)