Hiw Maak

Welcome to the Hiw Maak Bookstore !

Hiw Maak is a solo project that started out small… And then got out of hand. Originally, the idea was to compile a short and sweet list of vegan friendly restaurants across Thailand for my vegan friends, based on my own experiences. A quick look at the book I made will show you that I went slightly overboard with the list and added images and maps… Turning my short list of suggestions into a book!

I myself, loved vegan food as soon as I first (quite literally) sank my teeth into it. You can’t have anything against it anyway: it’s healthy, tasty, and looks stunning, or as my one of my good friends would say - “it’s like eating the rainbow.”

I didn’t completely turn vegan, but the experience did have an effect on my eating habits and made me more conscious about the food that goes into my mouth.

My goal is to create guides which contains places that serve delicious vegan options across the world’s tourist destinations. Some of them are 100% vegan, other offer non-vegan options as well. There’s a little something for everyone!