Company name: I am here for you today. Author: Sal Graziano

My true desire is to help people. I am a life long student - a Holistic facilitator and professional photographer...for starters.

I started working for a company at the age of 12 years old on weekends and summers. Working up the corporate ladder I became vice president and held that position for many years. The company I worked for had three locations and 52 employees. In that industry eventually, I got to a level of pay that I thought I would be happy at. I came to realize that I could buy more stuff but that still did not make me happy.

At that time I decided to leave the corporate world and go into the healing arts which were always a part of my life but this time I was going to do it full time. I have been a full-time healing arts practitioner since 1998 although I have had an appreciation for the healing arts from a very young age.

I currently hold the following licenses and/or degrees:
LMT ma90812 (and hold many certifications in this field), RPP, RR, CHT, CPT, CNMT, CLP, CTT and hold a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. I have an outcome-based company Sal G Medical Massage Therapy.

Locally I have been written up in magazines, newspapers and the like over the years. I have provided talks, developed videos, spoke on the radio and more about the health benefits of touch therapies.

Although I have stopped counting in 2007 - my client base at that time was 40,000 clients.

I consider myself a life long student and truly enjoy learning. Helping people has always been my first true love.

Thanks for reading.