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Death Whistle DRY and DESIGNED


Electromagnesis Samples Volume 1




FREE CountrySide Samples


FREE Horror JumpScare


FREE St Andrews Church Leyland Sample Pack


FREE The Mandolin Basic


Gore Volume 1 Samples


Grey Home - Clock Work


Grey Home - Testing the Periphery


Grey Home EP1


Guitar (One an One Sample Collection)


In Motion Audio - Day Time


In Motion Audio - Fiction


Morse Code Samples


Morse Code VST Plugin


About In Motion Audio

We specialize in compelling story telling, through the art of Sound Design and Composition

We also create Samples Packs and Third Party Kontakt Instruments

License Agreement

The License Agreement covers all of In Motion Audio’s items of sales including but not limiting to Sample Packs and VST Instruments either paid or free

All Sample Packs and VST Instruments can be used for commercial use, they are Royalty free and License free, they can be used on a freelance basis or in a company

Any of In Motion Audio’s Sample Packs or VST Instruments must be used by one person and it would require a further purchase for a secondary user, you must not resell in anyway or reshare.

The License forbids the use of our software or samples to be used to create new sample library’s including but not limiting to resampling, mixing, processing, isolating and embedding.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us

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