Inc Stories

“There is nothing you can’t know if you truly want to know it except maybe everything.” Anthony Lennon King 
Being a man of many passions I consider myself a modern day renaissance man an eclectic amalgamation of many things and all those things synergetic and free.

I hold an AAS in Graphic Design from Highland Community College, a B.S. in Interactive Media/Interaction Design from the Art Institutes and an MBA from Columbia College. I’ve been developing interactive media applications and websites for 15 years.  As a freelance marketing professional, I manage and build social media sites, LMS, and CMS websites implementing Google analytics campaigns, SEO campaigns, as well as developing and implementing inbound marketing content. 
I enjoy learning, teaching, and participating in the growth of not only my own knowledge but the potential knowledge of those I surround myself with. If you need any consulting, web development or just good old fashion design, please don't' hesitate to get in touch with my firm, We can get you on the right track to owning your own marketing processes.