Indigo Rhoades

Indigo Rhoades.

Storyteller. Artist. Music lover. Night dweller. Day dreamer. Shit stirrer. Scotch drinker and coffee addict, who drives way too fast, plays music too loud (if there is such a thing?) and can’t live without eyeliner.

Oh, and still does and always has hated being told what to do.

Creating art and stories inspired by mythology and folklore, with a modern, surreal and apocalyptic twist. There’s quite a lot of magic, a little bit of horror and of course, just enough sex, cars and rock’n’roll to take the edge off.

You’ll find characters with devious tendencies and ulterior motives, and those who just want to have fun no matter the cost. And a desert highway that cuts right through the middle.

Oh, and things are not always as they seem.