Ingrid Pickett - #LoveFirst

Ingrid Pickett is an emerging new voice for God. Ingrid has a heart for women that’s evidenced in her leadership based on truth for today’s modern woman. She is an influencer and advocate of women living victoriously. Ingrid relates the word of God to the present day needs of women, specializing in the areas of self worth, self love, and marriage. The founder and team leader of Leather & Lace, a network created for women to foster meaningful connections in prayer, support, empowerment and sisterhood. Ingrid Pastors HOGIC, Heart of God international Ministries with her husband of 23 years, Senior Pastor Todd D.Pickett. They serve as mentors to their church community, focusing on marriage relationships. Mother of two, sister, daughter, entrepreneur and author of the book “# Love First ” Ingrid is on a personal mission to “love first”. Her spirit filled leadership speaks directly to the experiences of women in a bold, courageous, no holds barred style that births newness, freedom and lasting Godly transformation.