Mollie B. Hart

I loved writing since I was a little girl. I spent a lot of time alone so I would use that time reading books and writing out things I had in my mind. I started writing poetry during a school assignment one day and my teacher was so impressed with my poem that I decided to keep writing poems. I filled numerous notebooks with poetry, songs, rap songs, and stories. I wrote my first book when I was 9 years old and I had my first poem published when I was 14. I won “Poet of the Year” and a free trip to Reno, Nevada to attend the award ceremony. Unfortunately I didn’t have any adult supervision to attend the trip so I had to settle for a paper award they sent in the mail. I still have that paper award to this day tucked away in a safe place. I never stopped writing no matter what I was doing in my life. I took to a pen and pad to release my emotions and my pain that was constantly building up inside of me as a walked through the valley of the shadow of death. I chose to never fear evil and to use my pain as my motivation and to birth purpose. I am uniquely qualified to write a book about love and embracing pain. I developed the perception of “Inhuman” from my own personal life experiences. When a person lives through such pain and has felt the emptiness of hunger and homelessness, that person either changes for the better or changes for the worse. Learning how to seek strength from pain can change anyone’s life. Learning to seek mentorship and humble yourself enough to learn and follow a higher power is challenging, but it must be done.