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Ira Rott

Hi, my name is Ira. I’m a Canadian fiber artist, pattern designer, and author. I grew up needlecrafting with my mom and grandma, and my childhood was filled with fabrics and yarns. I enjoy sharing my passion for fiber art through my quilting, knitting, and crochet patterns inspired by animals and nature. My happy place is where fabric and yarn meet fun!

IraRott Inc.

IraRott Inc. is a Canadian company which was registered under Canada Business Corporations Act. IraRott® is a registered trademark of IraRott inc. (US Registration Numbers: 4656327 and 5804266, Canada Registration Number: TMA914211).

Meet Our Team:

Pattern Designer – Ira Rott-MacGarvey

Administrator – Maurice MacGarvey

Web Developer – Roman Rott

Technical Editing – Edie Eckman & Teresa Kent

Proofreading – Cheryl Hodgson & Ryan Nicole Hazeltine

Crochet Animal Slippers

I'm so delighted to announce the release of my new book Crochet Animal Slippers with 20 brand NEW animal designs for making 3 different kinds of slippers - slides, shoes, and boots. I really enjoyed designing these patterns and I hope you will enjoy making them. Thank you so much for all your support! ​