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Jane Ann Butler Image Library

The start of my love for Photography was definitely with a polaroid camera, aged 8, it was like magic watching the image appear. As time moved on I came back to Photography, aged 28, to learn photographic techniques in a Foundation Course and from there it grew. As with all artists their medium is an extension of their inner self and expression, my camera is my companion as I reach out within Nature. Each image leaves a lasting impression of an ever changing day by day landscape or recording changes of growth from bud to flower. Moods like the light change so the feeling of the image may be bright or dark but always sensitive. There is great beauty within Nature which many of us enjoy subliminally, I’m not trying to enhance what I see….why gild an already beautiful lily….but I enjoy sharing my experience of how I see.

I developed my website in 2007, Jane Ann Butler Photography, which has had a few incarnations, but is now predominantly a showcase for my images. Visit JABP

My images have been licensed for products such as prints, packaging, advertising on retail bags and merchandise, greeting cards, fine art for corporate businesses, magazines, books and many more uses.

Now with the introduction of Jane Ann Butler Image Library, which is an extension of my JABP website, you can download digital image files for a set number of popular Licenses, with ease. Please, before downloading the S,M,L or XL files send me your details using the Contact Form as I will require Company name and usage, as some usages will require extra costing and a personalized License Link...but still your License will be just a click away.

Payment packages are available to help spread the costs over a set period of months, particularly useful for advertising and packaging.

Bundles are available if you have an interest in a number of images eg., greetings card series or art images for interior design, this will be possible. We can arrange an acceptable price with an option payment plan.

Now the Library is set up new images will be uploaded regularly, they are predominately flowers, bright, bold and beautiful. All images shown on JABP will be available to license from my image library. You can add yourself to the mailing list at any time to receive occasional updates, or if you prefer just pop back from time to time, new images appear at the beginning of the Library.

I hope you enjoy my images and choose to download and License through my Library. Whatever you wish to convey fragility, love, grief, abundance, positivity, joy, energy, family the stunning Language of Flowers and details in Nature can Inspire and bring your project to Life..