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self-discovery school for women


Jane’s holistic group programmes and classes are for women who write and women who want to discover themselves and their creativity through writing.

Jane offers a multi-creative and interdisciplinary approach to writing. She combines psychology, spirituality, somatics, art, music and nature environments to help women access their truest words.

Group programmes are open to people who enjoy self-inquiry and self-discovery, who want to creatively expand and explore meaningful themes together that help foster a direct connection to self and to life.

You don’t have to be a **writer** to join a programme as we don’t focus on the technique of writing, but rather on what using writing as a form of connection and expression can change in us and those we share it with.

We offer books, book coaching and writing mentoring, online programmes and short courses with a focus on self-discovery through writing, creativity, spirituality, menstrual cycle awareness and connection to the natural world.

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