In 2012, I was given a Miracle of The "Gift of the Holy Hand" while praying at the Virgin Mary Apparition Site, in Hollywood, Florida. I've been going there, almost every month since 1993. I found these two Holy Hands, beside me, in a tree planter, while praying in front of a Mother Mary statue. Shortly after that, I received on my thigh, a large Leg Vein in the shape of a heart, that had never been there before. I was further called to spread the messages of Jesus RETURN thru my stumbling upon Direction For Our Times, in the Volumes, at the Catholic Church, I attend. One evening, while intently praying the Rosary, I was instructed thru a thought form (similar to what a medium would get) 'Have the Holy Hand replicated and distributed thru Joel Osteen Ministries. I made 7 attempts to make that happen since 2016. I also was instructed in the same similar manner, to share my life story, thru the writing of my book, "Unfamiliar Breaking Ground", which much to my surprise, ended up being a testimony of Faith. That was not the intent of my book, except to share my True Life Experience, but that's EXACTLY what came out of it, as my writing unfolded. I know, I've been called by God in a number of ways to get his message of faith, hope, and love, out there to people and most importantly get his message for people to return back to his sacred heart. Thus I created and I am using the Scroll of The "Gift of The Holy Hand" to do just that. Jesus says in all serious manner, "The time to prepare, is shorter than we realize." I don't know about you, but given the signs I've received personally and others I've been made aware of, I do take their messages utmost seriously. I've been a Care Giver since 2012, in Mental Health Care Giving. I'm using the DONATIONS as a way to continue getting Jesus & Mother Mary's Messages about the New Times (Greater Light coming in) and the Dark Times (Evil moving out), out into the world, so people can understand what's really going on in these times, now, and what they need to do and can do about it. I have much to be accounted for, regarding my own life and so this is a labor of love and commitment on my part - to do as I've been called to do for God. Get my Testimony out to as many people as I possible. I'm doing the best I can. Blessings to ALL Janiemarie Montalvo P.S. Consider, yourself, having just been called.