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Elvery Day Slippers - Lesson

Sun Sleeves


Lucky Star Beret


Diamond Crescent Shawl


Nap Wrap


Stripe ‘Em Up! Mitts


Petrosinella Cowl


Muscle Tank


Who Needs Sleeves?


Twisted Slipster Poncho


Meteor Shower Mitts


ORC Raglan T


Serene Embrace


Sweden in Spring


Fanfare Shadow Cowl


About Me

I am Jen Toll and knitting is my art. The colors and textures created by knitting brings me comfort and joy, and designing patterns is my favorite outlet for creativity. As a knitwear designer, I strive to write patterns that are clear and concise so that your knitting is a truly enjoyable experience, even if you’re learning something new. I believe that we’re all beginners in skills we haven’t tried yet, but if you try it and practice at it, chances are you’ll be comfortable with it quicker than you think. All knitting is made up of the same few movements, such as knits, purls and yarn overs. True, there are variations to these basics which make up more advanced techniques, but if taken one step at a time, you’ll more than likely find that it’s still somewhat familiar. I hope you’ll push yourself to try something new to you. You never know what your new favorite kind of knitting will be!