Universal Unity ~ Joanna L. Ross

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Joanna L. Ross was born and raised in Victoria, B.C. Canada. At a very early age, she was infinitely inspired by the minute subtleties of all aspects of life around her. Taking in the immensity of even the smallest aspects of life, it was this internal stirring to ‘know and seek,’ that aligned her to a series of naturally progressing events that spurred a profound spiritual awakening. Joanna is passionate about understanding true human potential within the vast and infinite aspects of our Universe, and how to unveil what resides within for greater aliveness and gratitude. In her twenties, she moved to Vancouver, B.C. where she worked at a variety of public and private sector jobs until the Divine pull and inner stir to ‘seek’ led her to the arena of metaphysics. After the birth of her second child, a series of soul-wrenching dark dreams was the catalyst to the unfolding of a grander understanding of the human potential, celestial Oneness, lightship engagement, and humanities Divine offering to unveil the Source spark within. As Joanna explores her role here upon Gaia at this time, she is passionate to offer ascension classes, public speaking events, private intuitive healing sessions and invocations and weekly ascension radio shows for expanded learning in Universal unification. As the profound synchronistic events triggered even deeper research and self-reflection, for the innate pull for total self-discovery was steering her to engage with and grasp the enormity of what we are all truly swim within. Her expansive study, inner knowingness, and the incredible multi-dimensional adventures, has become her life passion and destiny to express. This remarkable path of planetary and human ascension paves the way for the most profound self-discovery into wholeness, cosmic unity, and self-love, and it is within that these and other such miracles exists to unfold. Joanna now lives out her passions for Universal Unity as an Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Ambassador for Universal Unity, and Public Speaker, and calls Calgary, Alberta Canada her home. She loves playing and learning with her three young children, creating artwork, writing, and embracing the joys of Universal entanglement and unity. Joanna’s primary passion and life expression is to be a student of Creation first. In utter gratitude and reverence for this earthly experience, she is devoted to inspire, to share, educate, empower, and enlighten those who so desire to understand the profundity that resides within us all. In her joy of offering guidance to reveal the infinite human potential, may you all experience solace, light, and your innate gifts within as you walk this incredible path to a 5th dimensional illuminated human and planetary experience that is unfolding. For more information on ascension, enhancing multidimensional living, private intuitive readings, or public speaking engagements, or to book the “First Contact Symposium” in your city, please tune in and explore our 5th dimensional offerings: http://universalunity.ca