John Ross Appleton

About John Ross John-Ross-JR Expelled from school at the age of 14 for unspecified youthful misdemeanours, the larrikin-like John Ross Appleton (JR) was rid of the school, just as the school was rid of the larrikin. Undiagnosed dyslexia did not help, and other than a love of sport and music, there was little that the education system and JR had in common. The parting was with mutual relief! Blessed with kindly, understanding and yet firm parents, JR excelled at his first job in the spare parts department of a motor vehicle dealership, and under the watchful eye of his boss and his father, discovered that hard work, ready charm and a willing attitude could work wonders. Above all, JR was blessed with magnificent ‘people’ and networking skills which made him likeable and trusted by everyone he came across. Other jobs followed and led to motor vehicle sales where he excelled in promoting Ford vehicles – the love of the brand reinforced by admiration for its original founder, Henry Ford. In time, JR found himself in high profile sales roles with corporates such as Cadbury Schweppes and Yellow Pages. Consistently excelling, he continued to search restlessly for work which could challenge and reward him for the rest of his life. Early success in building his own businesses was followed by a reverse – the only time in his life that JR went against his normally reliable gut instinct. With that hard lesson learned and narrowly survived, JR embarked on a number of direct sales and MLM opportunities until, by chance, he discovered his true life purpose – and an international company he could work with on an ongoing basis. His partner Penny’s illness and cancer journey led directly to Usana – and a range of nutritional products which unquestionably led to a marked improvement in Penny’s health, and helped to prolong her life well beyond the doctors’ initial forecasts. Thanks to Usana, which JR helped (with others) to introduce to Western Australia in 1998, he has become one of the company’s leading lights, a member of the Million Dollar Club and an inspiration to the thousands who have followed him in Australia, Singapore and throughout the South East Asian region. In addition to supporting his growing network of Usana associates, JR is driven by the desire to work with and help others – especially young people in business. The launch of The FBI Institute, FBI Young Guns and co-authorship of Old Masters, Young Guns have enabled JR to deliver the original promise to himself – to serve others, and make a significant difference to those with whom he interacts. Old Masters Young Guns (315 pages)