Jonathan Ramke

I am a Paediatric Occupational Therapist who is passionate about helping children get the best start theycan in life. I have studied Psychology, Neurophysiology, Occupational Therapy and completed training in Neuropsychotherapy and Sensory Integration Therapy, to help put the complex pieces together to understand whatmake us who we are. I am currently completing my PhD and am looking at the intricate connections between the body and the brain in Autism Spectrum Disorder.  My interests are in understanding how each of the different environments we live in shape our brain, mind and behaviour; and how we can use our brain to engage in the best way we can, to do the many things that make us the person we are. My professional goals are to understand the brain better and share what I know so that anyone can appreciate how it works and understand why we behave theway we do. I am particularly interested in how different medical conditions affect how we interact withour surroundings and what we can do improveour life by recognising what is going on in the brain.

I have worked with children and their parents for a number of years now. I have come to understand that most of the time, it’s not until something is ‘wrong’, or when some thing just doesn’t feel right, that parents might know  they need to seek help. This is particularly true during the first 5 years of a child’s life. My series of books on 'How to build a brain', explores the fundamentals about the brain and how it works in a series of short books, particularly, targeting the early years of a child’s life, to help parents understand how to support their child over these critical first years of their life.