Valarie Anthony/Julenia Speaks

Julenia Speaks is a trained Master’s-level professional who has provided counseling services to individuals, youth and families. She is also a foster care alumna, blogger, and author of fiction and nonfiction books. Prior to becoming an indie author, she worked with a Dallas-based publisher and has 3 books available on Amazon. She also has a monthly newsletter and is currently giving away free books to newsletter subscribers. Her fiction books are are urban multicultural romance and each book features a character who lived in the foster care system. The stories are filled with excitement and adventure, with just a dash of darkness. They include issues such as human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual harassment in the workplace, and divorce. They also include lots of love, adventure and passionate romance. Originally from New York, Julenia now resides in Texas where she works as a writer. When she's not busy writing about serious nonfiction topics or working on one of her romance books, she is usually socializing with friends and family, or helping her adolescent son navigate the adult world.