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I am very bad at updating - in case you didn't know that
I'm really loving the Payhip pay what you want model, but I also love the validation of preorders, so I'm trying out something - I've put a preorder for Stars Still Fall up, pay what you want (suggested price 1.99). Also, I've added a storewide 100% ...
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Welcome to the Soft Opening
Hi friends!More people (five) have already popped by than I expected (one), so I thought I'd put up a blog post with some information about why there are only two titles here, neither of which are Book One in their proper series. The answer to that i...
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Stars Still Fall


Swelter - Southern Sapphics 1


Soak - Southern Sapphics 2


Shiver - Southern Sapphics 3


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About Jules

There are a lot of things Jules Kelley is a fan of: Surprises. Tall boots. A sublime plate of nachos. A well-heeled turn of phrase. Genuine connections between people and the kind of love that blooms where you least expect it. She’s never been afraid of questions, and “What if?” is her favorite one to explore.

The details and settings may vary, but she always loves weird characters most of all—misfits, monsters, and messy humans just trying their best—and writes to share them with the world so that you can love them too.

Find her full website (including non-self-published titles) at