JulieJoe B.

I had started many different books but never finished them. My family decided to take a major change in our lives and move to Hawaii! Yep, huge!!! So, things here are quite different sometimes it seems like it’s the same day because they don’t have seasons here. Ok, ok, let’s get back to it. We had been here for about nine months, and I had this dream about a boy who was lost and needed help. He finds his way to an old, abandoned house. It was quite small but would shelter him for the night. The boy goes into just rest, but he wakes the All-Seeing Eye with his presence. They talk for a while then an EVIL man comes trying to possess the All-Seeing Eye. Then I woke up questioning, the little boy's name Ethan OR Eli, but when I started writing it worked itself out. This book is something that one cannot explain. When you write fantasy, anything can happen! I am thankful for the world of imagination!