Katherine Ross

Born as Katherine Branch on July 20, 1950, she was known as “Sissy” (which she detested), Kat, Lil Kat, or Kathy by family and friends. Katherine grew up mainly around the rural area of Memphis, Tennessee. Katherine completed her BS degree in Biblical Studies at Crichton College in 1992. She worked part time for several years until she secured a full-time job with the Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole. Katherine professed her commitment to God at the age of nine, and if you were to ask her today who raised her, she would say, “God raised me. My life is all about what I can do for Him. Katherine was the first female elder in Breath of Life SDA Church in Memphis, TN. She was ordained January 25, 1992. Katherine has three sons: Joseph, Tavis, and Kendrick.