Kathy Williams - Inner & Outer Transformation

Kathy Williams is a gifted Teacher, Coach, Author and Facilitator of Living A Life Lit Up. Radical Abundance is not only a class she created and teaches but the lifestyle she lives. Kathy is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Certified Transformational Coach with Michael Nell (aka Supercoach), Speaker, and Yoga Therapist. She has created and executed stress reduction programs for businesses, including a hospital. She has a plethora of tools from the mainstream circle to the mindfulness community, but what really makes her shine is her inner intuition that is simply an innate capacity; all of these and more are in her toolbox!  With an international client base, her clients range from young adults to individuals in their 80’s. Her target is to empower people to move beyond physical & emotional pain, into lives of joyous possibility.  From new businesses & careers, to raises, from meeting a partner to creating a life, She loves to help people clarify and get what they want.