Autosolarvent - Keep your parked car cool

Over here I am not talking about the tiny window solar ventilation unit sold for USD10. I am talking about using 20W solar panel for ventilation, at least 10 to 20 times better than those tiny window units.

I was very frustrated with the heat in the cabin of a parked car.  Whenever I wanted to go out for lunch, the moment I stepped into my car cabin, it was like an oven.  I wanted to say no to this problem!  About 20 years ago, I started to explore various ways to keep my parked car cool.  Tinting, sunshade, whatever offerings in the market, you name it.  It helps a little, but none of them can effectively keep my parked car cool. 

Finally I discovered a method to continuously ventilate my car while parking under the hot sun.  Using ventilation fan, with the battery power at the beginning, to expel the stale and hot air out of my car while parking uder the hot sun.  This has created a strem of fresh air continuously flowing through my car cabin, thus I have achieved a remarkable improvement in reducing my car cabin temperature even it was parked under the hot sun for many hours.

I have been using this car ventilation system for some 20 years. Until a couple of years ago, I started to switch over to Solar Panel instead of powered by the car battery itself.  This system provides me with maintenance and hassles free solution of overcoming the heat problem in the cabin of my parked car.   All the motorists in the world deserved to have this system DIY installed to their vehicles. Therefore, it promted me to write this book to share the secret and know-how of getting rid of the hot air from their parked vehicles, and say good-bye to cabin heat.  Don't let the sun heats up your car, use the sunlight to cool down your car!