Keto Weight Loss

My name is Charles Reynolds. I am a Keto weight loss coach and author of this book - My book is only 26 pages long. No endless rambling, and useless fluff you find in all of the other books.

You can read my book every day, and you should. Let's face it, we all know what a Keto diet is by now. Keto meals are simply meals with a protein choice (3-6 oz), a fat choice, and a green vegetable choice. Low carb, high fat. That is it. That is Keto. There are hundreds of books out there, with hundreds of ways to tell you the same boring Keto meal ideas.

My book explains what is going on inside your body, and why you need a Keto meal plan to begin with. You will learn how your blood sugar works, what insulin resistance really is, the truth about cholesterol, and what fatty liver is. The facts you learn in these chapters can save your life, and that is the entire reason I wrote this book. To save lives.

Of course, I also explain what foods are Keto, and what foods to avoid. I teach you how to budget Keto meals for less than $10.00 per day. 
Also included is my fat burning drink recipe. I lowered my blood fat (triglycerides) by 300 points with this drink. It has all natural ingredients, and it taste great! Enjoy my book and have a blessed day.