Kingsley Chinweobi Bookstore

Kingsley Chinweobi is a Transformational Speaker, inspiring Author and Pastor. He is called to teach and foster a Kingdom Life of Purpose and Leadership and touching the heart of humanity via the undiluted word of truth and true worship.He is author of many life changing books, among them are "How to Find a Mentor", "The Essence and Power of Worship", "The Audacity of Purpose", "Why We Speak in Tongues", "Start Living Your Best Life Now".

He travels extensively teaching and mentoring young leaders. Every year he anchors powerful training sessions for aspiring Leaders. He engages in training sessions in churches, organizations and seminars both indoor and outdoor.
For many years now, he has been in the business of healing souls through powerful teachings, books and via life transforming seminars.

No doubt, he is a man sent to change lives and address the need of God's children in this time and change.