Kleos Media

Are you tired of nonsense and censorship in education and culture? I’m sure you are. You recognize the value of heroism and the energetic pursuit of glory. That’s why you’re here!
Unfortunately, the warped worldview we’re indoctrinated with today does all it can to dissuade us from this natural calling that we feel deep in the pit of our stomachs, the core of our beings.

“Get better knowledge, think better thoughts, and do better things.” The equation is that simple. You become what you think about, and what you think about depends on the knowledge you have. Yet today, the knowledge you’re given by your "education" and the media is too often self-hating and self-alienating. The prevailing orthodoxy doesn’t recognize the value of making yourself into a character of virtue, vision, energy, action, and authenticity. I do.

The powers that be want you to be a part of a bizarre groupthink cult, perpetually outraged, and will cancel you otherwise. I don’t and I won’t.

Here at the Kleos Media store, you’re going to get the kind of knowledge that will elevate your perspective and energize you. You’re going to think about new things in new ways, leaving the nonsense of outrage culture behind, and focus on pursuing knowledge that will bring you self-confidence and galvanize you into action, as well as entertainment that energizes and inspires, rather than belittles you.