Know Your Worth Career Strategy and Empowerment Coaching - Boni Candelario, Principal

With over 20 years of experience in career strategy, recruitment and talent management, saying I love helping others showcase their skills and talents is an understatement. I have worked in both for profit and higher learning environments and the main theme is the same. People want to make a meaningful contribution to society while also building a sustainable, profitable lifestyle for themselves and their families. They want to work in an environment that utilizes their multiple talents, challenges them, and recognizes their hard work.

Using my skills as a trainer, coach, recruiter, mentor and strategist, I help people sift through their past and current work experiences and package their value in a marketable, intentional, and empowering way.

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Specialties: Effective LinkedIn profiles and Resumes; Career Coaching; Individual Brand Marketing; Talent Management; Leadership Development; Performance Improvement; Employee Engagement; Career Development.