Konstantinos Petrocheilos

Konstantinos Petrocheilos is an illustrator and writer holding an MFA in Painting from the School of Visual & Applied Arts (Fine Arts faculty) of Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece . He is currently developing and self-publishing his own comic book series and making comic book and fantasy art for sale.Throughout the years he has read and collected comics of different genres and from different countries. He's also an active reader of books: mostly fiction, cosmology and philosophy. He has studied a variety of storytelling and illustration styles and simply wishes to get his own stories out there. He's currently residing in the city of Tallinn in Estonia. For commissions and purchase info you can contact him here: kp7911@hotmail.com You can view and support his work on the following accounts. Instagram: konstantinos.petrocheilos Facebook: Konstantinos Petrocheilos Artwork Twitter: Konstantinos P. DeviantArt: Iam100 Youtube:Konstantinos Petrocheilos ART Esty (online art shop): KPartgallery Patreon: Konstantinos Petrocheilos