LaToya Rose, LR International LLC

LaToya Rose, CEO of LR International, is known for being a multipreneur and an empowering strategist. Her passion for economic justice guides her business and service efforts. She holds a Master’s Degree in Blind and Vision Rehabilitation from North Carolina Central University, and a bachelors in Health Administration from Langston University. She is also a Certified Tax Accountant, serving Entrepreneurs and Families for over ten years. Entrepreneurship has been the core of her life from the early days of baking and selling treats from her Easy Bake Oven to more recent work in Atlanta where she trained entertainment artists and business leaders to position their skills for profit. In her free time, LaToya enjoys traveling, dining on good cuisine, listening to soothing tunes, and reading a good book. Her resolve is to maximize her life and to empower others to do the same.