Labistrake Makes

-Fun Designs For Sturdy and Joyful Pieces of KNITTING-

In 2016, myself and my friend Yumi began “posting” knitted correspondence to each other, virtually, on Instagram. We shared our daily inspirations in stitches for three years. 

Working on this wonderful correspondence project allowed me to explore patterns and colours in stranded colourwork and to document these experiments in a growing collection of knitted postcards - a sort of personal library of motifs, celebrating the colours and patterns of my everyday life.

Recently, I have been revisiting these postcards. I want to explore how they can be incorporated into wearable designs, and worked in different yarns from producers and mills whose work I admire. The aim is to create simple, useful and sturdy designs for my family and friends, bearing motifs which celebrate the textures of our lives.

You can read more about this knitted correspondence in
KNITSONIK Stranded Colourwork Playbook by Felicity FORD