Languages through Music

Hi, my name is Desta! I've been a professional musician and language teacher for over over 17 years. I started Languages through Music when I realised how fun, quick and easy it was to learn languages through songs. It was a really nice surprise after suffering unsuccessfully through French class at school my whole life and not being able to converse in it! 

With Languages through Music you discover wonderful artists and styles of music from all around the world. You delve into geography, history, culture and how it all connects. You get the key words in bitesize pieces and enjoy carefully curated playlists. You link to language learners and teachers all around the world in the Languages through Music community. In these ebooks, you about 20 songs to learn, with the key words and playlist. Further support can be found if you tune into social platforms, Youtube channel and/or Languages through Music podcast. If you'd like to turbo boost your learning, get in touch to find out about online group or private lessons!

Thank you!