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Laura (L.A.) Mariani

Hello, I am Laura Alexandra (L.A.) Mariani your go-to author for captivating romance tales that will sweep you off your feet and keep you on the edge of your seat! 

I love crafting city-life rom-coms that will make your heart race and billionaire romance books that will leave you swooning. But don't worry; I also indulge in some office romance for that extra dose of sizzling tension, tales that intertwine bustling cityscapes with the allure of romance, taking you on journeys that will quicken your pulse and set your imagination on fire.

My leading ladies? They're not your average damsels in distress. They have a backbone, big hearts, and a stubborn streak that keeps those alpha males on their toes.

Each of my stories promises a happy ever after or a happy for now. Be prepared to gasp, shed a tear or two along the way and laugh – unless you have no sense of humor ;-).

When I'm not weaving stories of love, desire and suspense, you'll find me exploring the vibrant streets of London, drawing inspiration from its hidden corners and bustling markets. 

But my love for adventure doesn't stop there. I'm an avid traveler, always seeking new horizons and cultural experiences. Whether strolling through the charming streets of Paris, savoring street food in Bangkok, or relaxing on a sun-kissed beach in Bali, my journeys fuel my creativity and infuse my stories with wanderlust.

Mostly, I love romance!

Short, Steamy Romance, strong alpha males, fierce heroines and sweet endings in my books, you'll find them all!

Happy reading!