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This California native, who hates driving in the rush of LA traffic would rather be reading in the California sun on the sandy beach or park bench or cozied up on a couch in a pair of socks, the fuzzy kind. Writing suspense doesn’t mean Lauren has wrestled with bad folks or been involved in a high speed chase, who can in the traffic in So Cal? It does mean that if a rude commenter in a grocery store crosses her the wrong way…they may end up as a character in her next novel.

When Lauren is not crafting suspenseful stories, she is voraciously reading, socks included, or enjoying music from times now constituted as history, and singing very poorly in the mirror, with her cat turning the other way in frustration. Lauren hopes to engage readers with her writing style perfect for those who love a who done it with many twists.

Follow Lauren Schultz, author of a three-part romantic suspense series here:

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Website: www.laurenschultzauthor

Visit her website for current and upcoming releases which are sure to get you lost in the pages.