Leonard Kirke

Leonard Kirke resides in the hills of southern Ohio. Kirke spends the vast majority of his time doing nothing, but on occasion he writes things (usually words, arranged in what he deems an aesthetically pleasing order) or creates short videos (usually about nothing, a tribute to his favorite pastime). He's a frequent contributor/collaborator/ghostwriter for The Jeremy Kellerman Archive, with whom he released a short story collection in 2012. In 2013, he was invited to become a contributing writer to "Wuffle, the Big Nice Wolf," a digital comic series by Thai artist Piti Yindee. Recently he watched many episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Leonard Kirke is also a ukulele player, having learned to play a C chord more or less accurately. Leonard Kirke's personal blog, containing ideas, observations, and stories, can be found at The Vertigo of Freedom. Feel free to follow him on Twitter @LeoKirke. He can also be reached via email at leonard.kirke [at] gmail.com if you have questions, comments, concerns, complaints, business proposals, marriage proposals, or if you would like to request an interview.