Life Has No Universal Formula

Nasasira Boeres, is the author of Life Has No Universal Formula Vol 1: The gist of life. He was born in Uganda and from his uneasy background, he struggled and managed to graduate with a bachelors degree. After graduation in 2014, things never worked as he expected, he ended up on the street as hawker, he was arrested for illegal hawking, later his life changed dynamically. Here, he gathers all truths and secrets in this book that comes in volumes. In his first book, he writes to the world that: Life Has No Universal Formula. Every person is different; the way it worked for me may not exactly be the same way it will work for you or another.” This is the ageless truth and the secret that can bring transformation to your whole life for better. Now he is a masters student at Lanzhou Jiaotong University, Gansu China, he is so passionate to see people realize their life purpose, dreams, and potentials to transform their lives and the world at large.