Metamorphosis Press - Linda Jordan

Linda Jordan writes fascinating characters, visionary worlds, and imaginative fiction. She creates both long and short fiction, serious and silly. She believes in the power of healing and transformation, and many of her stories follow those themes. 

In a previous lifetime, Linda coordinated the Clarion West Writers’ Workshop as well as the Reading Series. She spent four years as Chair of the Board of Directors during Clarion West’s formative period. She’s also worked as a travel agent, a baker, and a pond plant/fish sales person, you know, the sort of things one does as a writer.

Currently, she’s the Programming Director for the Writers Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest.

Linda now lives in the rainy wilds of Washington state with her husband, daughter, four cats, a cluster of Koi and an infinite number of slugs and snails.

Her work includes:
-Faerie Unraveled: The Bones of the Earth Series, Book 1
-Notes on the Moon People
-Falling Into Flight
-Rescue Mission: The Islands of Seattle, Book 1
-The Black Opal: The Jeweled Worlds Series, Book 1
-Continental Divide
-Horticultural Homicide, A Gina Wetherby Mystery
-Poison Passion, A Gina Wetherby Mystery
-Living in the Lower Chakras
-Titanian Fury
-Infected by Magic