Linda Reece

Concerned for a male friend who was incarcerated, Linda Reece began researching the subject of prison rape. The appalling revelation of intimidation, violation, physical and sexual abuse from inmates and correctional officers birthed her recent written work, “Untamed Identity”. She gives this fiction novel, creating an “underdog” character that both male and female readers will cheer on, but there is also his ruthless offender that you will love to hate. Ms. Reece desires her readers to have a voice with Federal and State government officials against the inhumane treatment of prison rape that can strip a man of the natural emotional and psychological fiber that makes him a man. Ms. Reece is also the author of “Rising Ashes, The Story of A Single Mother”. She produced the Atlanta A.M. “Live” Morning Show in Atlanta, GA, aimed at benefiting Atlanta’s homeless. She organized benefit walks to aid Georgia’s Adult Literacy Programs. She is the originator of K.I.M. (Keep It Movin’) greeting cards that are uplifting, fun, and entertaining.