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Bright, Broken Things - GTC Prequel Novella

Good Things Come – Good Things Come Book 1

All The Little Things – Good Things Come Book 2

All Good Things — Good Things Come Book 3

This Good Thing – Good Things Come Book 4

All The Best Things – Good Things Come Book 6

The Good Things Come Collection: Exclusive Author Direct Edition

Merry Little Things — Good Things Come Book 5

About Me

I began working at the track before I finished high school, and after graduating the following January, took a hotwalking job at Payson Park in Florida. Once back at Woodbine, I started grooming and galloping. While the backstretch is exciting, I found I was more at home on the farm — prepping and breaking yearlings, nightwatching and foaling mares.

Eventually I started my own small layup/broodmare facility, and in the last few years I’ve transitioned into retraining and rehoming. Somewhere along the way I did go back to school and get a degree. I should probably dust it off and frame it one day.

I live on a small farm in Ontario, Canada, with my off-track Thoroughbreds and a young Border Collie, and I’m probably better known for painting horses than writing about them — if you like my covers, check out my artwork at