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MMY. by Linxx
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➤ Informations:

➠ Fitted to bibo+ | lithe+ | rue+

➠ Fully dyable ingame

➠ Casual Jacket + Halfslops

If you want to use the Rue+ version,

you'll need to install the base file first.

Video Preview:


There might be clipping issues in extreme poses!

I haven't found any while testing. If you find some,

please contact me so I can fix it asap!

Any other problems? Let me know: Linxx#6666

Please use my hashtag when you

post on instagram or twitter: #linxxmods ♡


This Rue+ conversation was made by Izayoi  ♡


➠ Join my Discord for more releases:

➠ You can find all my other links here:


You will get the following files:
  • TTMP2 (1MB)
  • TTMP2 (19MB)

✚ About Linxx ✚

Hello everyone!

My name is Linxx | Finja | Lina - whatever you like to call me!

I'm creating mods for Final Fantasy XIV.

I almost learned everything on my own so be kind please!

I'm really trying my best to create cool things for all of you!

I hope you enjoy my stuff!

・ ・