We plan your smart home or building for you step by step!

No matter if smart home, office, hotel,... with Loxone projects of all kinds can be easily automated and controlled.

Loxone - the complete solution for home and building automation

With the Miniserver from Loxone you connect all components of a building intelligently with each other.

We offer simple solutions for building control to increase comfort or save energy and clever networking of various components.

For this purpose we program your Loxone Miniserver as a gateway to the central home control.

In the final expansion stage, a wide variety of sensors, presence detectors, the complete lighting, heating and air conditioning control as well as the entire home electronics can be controlled and monitored.

When you are not at home, you have everything under control with your smartphone and can use the user interface to control thermostats, shutters or the lights, for example.

We integrate conventional pushbuttons & switches as well as high value EIB/KNX sensors and pushbuttons into your system or add logic functions and visualizations to existing installations.