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About Me

Betfair Trading strategies are commonly thrown around online: on YouTube or as paid products. However, most followers of these techniques end up disappointed. Trading is very hard! What if I was to tell you there is a far easier way? One that I used last summer to make over £3k in just a couple of months. I could have made more... if I had enough bookmaker accounts left that have not been 'gubbed' from 15 years matched betting. Why am I talking about bookmakers in relation to trading? Well that's all part of the secret!

Even now, I can make simple profit from rules of the odds movements observed from long hours study and practice.

You can join me to view my over the shoulder daily profit making. I don't cover up the times things go wrong but, as you will see most trades go very right. The times things go wrong are also only going to lose us a few pounds too, so this is truly the lowest risk method I have seen out there.