Drugs ain't for me

I grew up the streets of New York in small town located in Rockland County. It all started in High School, 9th grade. Here is where I was introduced to drugs, I say introduced because it’s always a friend or friends that are the one’s to introduce you to drugs, I didn’t know anything about drugs, I found out thru them and wanted to hang out with them. I grew up without a father, my mother was working two jobs. I had no guidance as a young kid, of course my mother wanted me to do good, but all she knew was to work to put a roof over head. She came to the United States for a better life, she didn’t know English, and no Education. So I started to sell drugs at the age of 16. My friends well, my so called friends, they where selling drugs and had money going out to clubs. I wanted to do the same, but I needed money to hang out with them, my mother couldn’t afford giving me money all the time. I was a lost kid out in the streets. Sometimes I would get up in the morning just to go out to the streets to sell drugs before the other drug dealers came out, I didn’t care what others thought of me. Everyone knew me and I didn’t care my mother’s friends knew it too, It must have been very embarrassing for my mother, her son selling drugs in the streets. No one would respect me, they where afraid of me. I didn’t care about anything only selling drugs and doing drugs, you have a lot friends when you sell drugs because that’s the people you associate with, but they are not your friends. they don’t care about you, they are just happy that you can get them drugs. It’s not a good life to live. Drugs have messed up my life, I’ve been to jail a couple of times on probation, drug rehab you name it I’ve been in it. I don’t want other kids to go thru what I have been thru. It’s not a fun life, you either end up in jail or dead. You can’t win selling drugs or doing drugs. This is why I want to aware all kids and teenagers about drugs. Believe me my life is messed up because of that path I took. Now I want to do something good with it, and maybe I can save a lot of kids from taking that path I took. I am 44 years old now. I want to help kids and Teenagers. We need to teach our kids to say to their friends or anyone that are in this kind of activity.