Dana Hall LLC

Dana has nearly two decades of clinical, research, and leadership experience in the field of psychology. As a private practice therapist, she specializes in chronic illness management, trauma, and relational issues. She successfully leverages her clinical work with social justice advocacy as an author, public speaker, and activist for inclusion and trauma-informed practices in education and counseling. She is an accomplished author with two new books which debuted this year:  Beyond Words: A Child’s Journey Through Apraxia and We All Belong: Musings on Inclusion, Acceptance and Kindness. She has been featured in Chicago Parent Magazine, and written articles for Deep Soulful Love and A Chronic Voice. She founded the #BeyondWords Movement on social media to create awareness for neurodiverse children and adults. She is married and has three young children who keep her grounded, thankful, and hopeful for a brighter future. You can find out more about her advocacy work on Facebook  #BeyondWords, #DanaHallTherapy, and on her website https://www.danahalltherapy. com/.