Louis Dantil

Louis Dantil is an haitian entrepreneur, philosopher, intelectual and researcher. He is currently studying a PhD in International Peace, Conflicts & DevelopmentStudies at James I University in Spain.

He owns a BACHELOR´S DEGREE in Philosophy from Grand Seminaire Notre Dame de Cazeau and a License´s Degree in Philosophy and Education from the Saint Alphonse Foundation University in Colombia; an International Master´s Degree in International Peace, Conflicts & Development Studies; Master´s Degree In Creation of New International Businesses and a third one in Cooperation to Development and Public Development Policy.

He is the Promotor of Semantic Linguistic Turn Research Line of investigation. After investigating the influence of the Mass Media communication languages affects the inclusion, cohesion and social integration process of the immigrants (Transnational Citizen) in their respective societies and communities; Dantil proposes the through the LINGUISTIC SEMANTIC TURN as an alternative to the cultural violence against people mobility and the same people on the move across the world.

His is the Founder and Chairman of DLUXOMODE S.L. (Spain) and TRYNBUY MODE (DR).

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