Love M.E. Patterns

Hi! I'm Melanie Euhus (M.E.), the designer behind Love M.E. Patterns! I took up sewing in late 2012, and immediately found a love for making not only handbags and wallets/purses, but novelty items, such as personalised buntings, cushion covers, pencil cases and lots more! I was inspired by my favourite designers, to have a go at designing patterns myself, so here I am! 

I like my pattern-writing to be detailed enough so that even a beginner can understand and follow along, but at the same time not be a painful read for the experienced sewist. I have a free pattern (more to come!) for a simple hand towel hanger, just so you can get the feel of my pattern style before you go ahead and purchase others. 

I hope you enjoy my slowly-growing collection of patterns, and feel free to contact me if you have any issues, or suggestions for future patterns!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Mel x

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