Lover 4 Beauty, LLC

Khrystal Wharton is the Owner/CEO of Lover 4 Beauty, LLC.

As a native New Yorker coming from humble beginnings, and with a deep passion for all things beauty-related, Khrystal took the time to build her knowledge and skills from the bottom up. With a knack for entrepreneurship and a keen eye for symmetry, her ultimate goal is to create perfection.

Khrystal has over 8 years in the Beauty Industry. As a Licensed Cosmetic Tattooist and Double Certified Microblading Technician/Educator, she has had the pleasure of not only training over 250 women in multiple cities, but building a sisterhood with women from all walks of life! The bond and relationships she has built as an educator over the past few years, has truly fulfilled her career goals. What she admires most about these women, is that they all conquered their goal of learning a trade, to in turn become entrepreneurs. This inspired her so much, that outside of Permanent Makeup, she dedicates her time on helping women start their own businesses within the coveted Beauty industry.