Lucy Berry Books

“As a Londoner, a minister of religion, and the mum of a multicultural family, Lucy is endlessly fascinated in the Us-versus-Them behaviours prevalent in family, politics and religion. “We try to cope by setting up personal and collective strategies which revolve around avoidance, denial, combat; all they actually do is separate us from loving”. Lucy works in the UK and abroad performing her poetry at different events and venues, writing to commission - or on the spot - when required. She always asks that her listeners and readers pay as much attention to the poems they dislike as to the ones they approve – and that they work out why… “ Our theology - (and don’t kid yourself you don’t have one!) - begins contextually, in our gut, with what we do and don’t like in a text, or a prayer, or a sermon. And that’s natural, but it’s very, very dangerous. We shouldn’t just shape our theology around our fears and our comfort - but we often do. If God is really Love, where do we stand on Evil, Money, Outsiders, Forgiveness, Punishment? And how do you feel about a Jesus who wants more from you than you want to give?”