MAMOONA - Baby Sign Language

Babies love to mimic! Most of them know how to wave and point long before they can say "Bye" or "Look". Babies start speaking between 18 months old and 3 years old. But they are naturally able to sign from 6 months old. Take it one step further and teach your baby signs with real meaning to both of you!
Imagine your baby signing what he wants instead of crying at 2am... Wouldn't it be nicer and less stressful?

Baby Sign Language is a communication method specially designed for hearing parents and babies.
It allows babies to communicate their needs and wants before they can speak!


- Less frustrations for parents & babies

- Your baby is understood much quicker

- Stimulates the general learning process

- Gives your baby a wide vocabulary before speaking

- Increased happier moments between parents and babies

- Learn all languages of your household much faster

** All Ebooks come with a character signing, a short description of hand gestures and with translation of the word in 9 languages!

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