Learn to read faster with our teacher-desgned DIGITAL LESSONS
Struggling learners are growing more each year, we help the population to love reading and get on track in the very beginning.Our lessons are fun as well as engaging we breakdown the misconceptions of reading. Don't let another school year go by without signing up your child today. Learning to read can be sicken,tiresome, boring and dislikeful: we are here to SPICE UP  YOUR CHILD'S LOVE FOR READING. 

HELP IS HERE FOR YOUR CHILD...Parents you have to understand that some children need more help than others in the classroom, and that's ok.  Let our digital audible lessons be a foundation for a better way to learn reading for your child. Your child do not have to be left behind start today with change. GET THE SUBSCRIPTION and gain access to freeing your child from the reading struggles. Each lesson will prepare your child for growth and progression, I know by experience where children struggle the most in reading and each lesson was developed specifically and designed to enhance motivation, help with misceptions and and speed up determination as well as encouraging a positive attutide for loving to read.

If you answer YES to any of the questions stay connect to this page
do your child dislike story time
do your child complain about reading homework 
do your child cry when it's time to listen to simple instruction
do your child receive poor reading grades
do your child always ask for help on reading assignments , when it's as simple as a picture walk
do your child turn their head when it's time to visit the library
do your child throw books
do your child fall asleep on nursery rhymes not focus
do you pray for help 
There is no library in my home (is this true)
********keep reading 
My child needs serious help in reading 
My child is teased because he/she can't read
My child dislike school
Do you need someone you can trust
Parents don't tear up about this, stay focus and continue reading, I'm here to help your child spare the heartaches of struggling for success

Don't let another day go by without getting my help
Please know not all children will do well in large classrooms, it can be a PAIN TO KEEP UP 
I have known this for years, and right now I have created mini reading lessons just for those kids that dislike reading.. PLEASE READ ON
About my program: I love reading to children, I know that learning to read can be difficult for some kids as they proceed through school. But help is here, I enjoy creating fun filled stories and activities for children. Do your child need a tutor? Keep Reading! We want to help develop and improve reading skills. Our instructions are for children in grades Prekindergarten - 1st ...Researched and Teacher Designed Lessons
Our mini lessons will provide your child with the tools that can turn kids into sucessfully readers quickly. Using our lessons daily will reinforce many of the lessons your child recieves in their classroom. 
Before you go please browse our collection of learning lessons 
We can help develop your child's literacy quickly!
I offer my clients a large selection of Reading Lessons that are curcial in developing great reading skills in the primary grades (Prek- 1st grade). These lesson can be downloaded immediately.
I am an educator with over 22 years of teaching, and holds a Master Degree in Early Childhood

Our reading lessons are just awesome, each Read Aloud  are created to entertain and develop good reading and listening skills,they are colorful and totally engaging. 
The benefits for your child can be so amazing, watch how your child's growth is expanding  through each lesson. 
Get Help In The Early Grades before the problems of reading grows!
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Phonics,Reading Comprehension,Sight Word Recognition, and more. We got exactly what your child need right in our digital lessons

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