“Islam: Religion of Health, Not Submission” was written by Mohammad Babaee, IRH association member and researcher in scientific and religious studies. He has also authored a number of other works, including the philosophical and scientific book “The Inner World.” Babaee believes that consciousness is the essence of our being, and our perception of the world is not real. Babaee also believes that everyone is born with religion, and that common religions as we know them are instructions for retaining our health in order to revive our innate religion. In two of his books, namely “The Inner World” and “Islam: Religion of Health, Not Submission,” he writes his thoughts in simple words for the general reader at any level of education.

His works are available now in both Persian and English. Babaee’s other publications include “Secret of Consciousness Growth,” “Truth of Quran, Etymology of Quranic Words,” “Translation and Interpretation of Hamd and Surah,” and “Venakey Energy Healing and Aura Sight.”