My Simple Aquarium

My name is Larry McGee and I own a business called Aquatic Designs. I've been maintaining aquariums in businesses and medical offices for over 20 years now plus I've also managed the fish dept. in a big box store, owned my own aquarium store and currently do retail aquarium system consulting and repair for big box pet stores in my state. I constantly get the same questions over and over about problems people are having with their aquariums. Almost always, it boils down to the same basic principles of proper setup, feeding and cleaning. With a few small changes, aquariums will usually settle down and become simple to maintain. From this I wrote "My Simple Aquarium". It is my 20+ years of experience working with aquariums and customers. It will tell you how to properly clean your aquarium plus give you time saving tips and tricks. If you go to the description you'll find a way to save 25% off of the price of the book. Check it out. Thanks!! - Larry